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Kitty, Kitty

Tarik's Cat_Teal_WEB-01

I recently did a little cat portrait on illustrator.

Not much else to say about that.

Cats are nice.

Postcard Mailers

I know, I know – who uses the mail anymore?  Well, I am going to a little bit when I send out these postcard mailers. If everyone in art/design school  is being advised that this is an arcane practice (they are), then it means maybe my antiquated paper promo with authentic “stamps” will be unique!  Special! Not at the bottom of a pile of similar crap!  We’ll see. I’ll send them out and see what happens. That’s like, The Secret, right? These mailers are my intentions and the post office box is the universe, and my future clients are god or something? I haven’t read that book.

Oooh! Sexy promotional piece! If you are a magazine or publisher, look out. This might be under a romance manuscript in your slush pile. Just staring off to the left of you. Asking, “What does it all mean?”

It means hire me.

Gig Poster

This is a gig poster I did for my friends in the late but loved band Endangered Ape. You can hear the echoes of greatness on myspace and you can see their featureless face below:

Endangered Ape Small

My Machine

I am in a class called “Media Studio” which means we have to use the computer to make pretty pictures rather than actual materials such as paint, etc.  My instructor likes to give us these in-class assignments that must  be completed within the 2 hours of class. The problem today was that we were required to use illustrator and photoshop together and I have very, VERY poor illustrator skills. I also thought I would try and go for an ambitious project, so that I could fail at it very thouroughly(sp?) and reack some kind of panic state during the 2 hour period. I am not panicked enough in daily life; it’s my New Year’s resolution: Panic More.

Anyway, I thought I would share the bruised clearance-bin fruit of my 2 hour’s labour.  Oh, I forgot to mention that we are given a vague theme at the onset that we are to work around. This week’s was “My Machine”:


There you have it.  The figure of the girl was formed poorly in illustrator which took me the better part of 90 minutes, and the other 30 were spend scrambling to do everything else in photoshop. UGH. I also peed and had a little meeting with the prof about my sketches for next week during that 30 mins, so make it 15 or even 10 in which the above was scraped together.

Here is the another in-class assignment from another week. Here the theme was “Friends of the Night””

ms3_sec3_gillian_goerz_inclass_1This one got a 70% with the remark that while they file was actually fairly complex (we are marked on HOW we use the programs, not just what we do with them), the figure was under developed and the composition didn’t reflect the theme. Okay, buddy. Whatever you say. Considering I think this peice is more interesting tripe than the tripe I slapped together this week, I can’t imagine the mark I am going to get on My Machine.