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Say Hello to Spiri!

Spiri_FINAL_crop_300dpiVoila!  This recent poster I did can be owed by you for the easy price of contributing to the company’s Kickstarter! Depending on what you contribute you might even get yourself a technologically smarter-than-you flying 4 propeller-having ROBOT.  Yup, a robot. How many Kickstarters can promise that?  Only ones that are about robots. Like this one. BAM.


To Be Or Not To Be!

Web comic king, writer extraordinaire, and all around fun guy Ryan North wrote a choosable-path adventure version of Hamlet that has been getting some sweet press (most profitable publishing kickstarter ever, Slate.com review, picture in Time magazine as photographed by my friend Doody) … and MORE IMPORTANTLY, I have an illustration in this book. 


I have modified the illustration using the most popular photoshop filters to entice you to buy the book, to see the original unaltered majesty on page 634.

Glowing edges!

glowing edges

Graphic Pen!graphicpen


Plastic wrap!Plasticwrap

JUST JOSHIN’! Here’s the real deal:

Hamlet_WrkgFile.72dpiTo buy the book:

In Toronto: Go to the Beguiling. It is awesome there!

Anywhere Else: Nag your local comic store to get the book in. Or  Amazon.  As much as I dislike an e-reader (I dislike an e-reader SO MUCH), this is an optimal book for this format, with all of the choice-making and page-turning.