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Process Work: Linda Mayer: Real Estate Agent

I personally like seeing process work from artists so hopefully I’m not the only one. About a year ago I made this logo Linda_Final.Transparent.WEB for (you guessed it) Linda Mayer, who was just finishing her Real Estate agent training (or whatever it’s called. A course? Boot camp? Transformation?).  I used to work exclusively with real estate agents so you’d think I’d know, and yet… Last month she emailed me for a full sized vector image of herself to use in her marketing materials. Here are the images from roughs, to linears (fancier roughs), to finals.
THE ROUGHS:  Linda wanted a standing pose, with a waving hand, and her adorable shih tzu Chili in the picture, but on a layer she could turn off and on.

Linda_Roughs4 Linda_Roughs3 Linda_Roughs2 Linda_Roughs1

I made them different colours so it would be easier for her to say things like “Give me the blue legs with the brown dog and the hand from the pink one,” rather than confusing language like “the first one vs the third one.”  Which is almost exactly what she asked for. The differences are pretty subtle, since we went in knowing pretty specifically what was wanted.


LindaCaricature_linear_2LindaCaricature_linear After the roughs, Linda requested a different arm option, also on another layer, with her holding the house from the original logo, as well as a smaller fluffier tail on Chili (who is starting to look a lot cuter and more shih tzu-y than in the roughs).  Linda didn’t mention the leash (I had it hanging down or wrapped around the arm in the green version above), so I made an executive choice to stick with the straight leash, especially if the house was going to be included periodically.
FINALS: Linda_Final_House_WEB-01Linda_Final_WaveDog_WEB-01 These were sent in and approved without changes!  I made Chili’s leash orange to tie the room together (and to give some definition between head and body – being all black, I didn’t want Chili to look like a silhouette.) I know I had a hand in picking them, but I love these colours. Redheads always look great in teal. See these images in action (the logo is there, and I imagine the figure will be coming soon) on her website LindaMayer.com.