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Spacing Magazine

This is a bit of an archive post. I designed an ad for Spacing Magazine… last year? I guess if is wasn’t in the last two weeks it was last year, so I can really sell this as not that delayed.  SO, last year, I did an ad for Linus Bikes via Fourth Floor Distribution via Curbside that ran in spacing. Who cares! Show me pictures!

Here it is:

Aww. Linus likes you.

So do I.  Follow me on twitter @GillianGoerz. Would a new paragraph make that that seem less insincere? We’ll never know.


Rejected Linus Ad

I made this ad for exclaim! magazine and this is one of the three versions that I liked best but that was eventually rejected for one I liked somewhat less.  But no matter! They liked it and I can show this one here:

More comics coming soooooon!