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I just found some sketches I scanned for class that I thought I would post. I am seeking inspiration, and sketches are often a good place to find it. I find my sketches in my free time are often more interesting and natural than stuff I produce for school that tends to be, so here’s a little unrefined sampling:

I did a portrait of Madonna for a class project and this was one of the prep-sketches.

madonna-sketch1This one is a doodle of me and my roommates that I really like:


These next two really demonstrate how I tighten up when given an assignment. Both of these were for class – I had a sketchbook to keep that didn’t have to be polished; we were given ideas to play with. This first one was to take a traditional story and set it in present day. My take is pretty corny. You’ll see:

cinderella-sketch1This next one was based on the myth of Sisyphus – he was the mythical sucker who got roped into pushing a giant boulder up a hill over and over again forever. Way to try and bone Zeus’ wife (or something like that). We had to illustrate a modern day Sisyphean task. I thought the predominant qualities of his task were futility of the job and frustration it causes through it’s utter uselessness, so I chose telemarketing: