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OCAD Retro Show

My painting titled “Perched” was accepted into the OCAD Retrospective show!  I felt the work was mixed, but with some very bright highlights.  Here are my shots of the show (taken after the opening reception which was so packed with people and flooded with some DJ’s idea of “ambiance” that I could only stick it out long enough to eat some tasty free food).

My painting is on the top right!

2 of my favorite pieces, done in pencil crayon (!). The artist is Winnie.... something?

Beautiful, delicate crocheted condoms. Delightful!

No one puts baby in a corner!

View of the show (South wall).

View of the show (South wall).

Work by my friends Ahmed Kassem and Dmitry Bondarenko

There's baby. Still in that corner.

It was nice to see a cross section of everything the entire school produces, in a more bite-sized morsel than the Grad Show, which is like eating until you die. The 4 days of the show are still not enough time to see everything… which is why you should head straight to the 6th floor, South end and stick with illustration. Done.  (May 6 – 9, 100 McCaul).