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Postcard Mailers

I know, I know – who uses the mail anymore?  Well, I am going to a little bit when I send out these postcard mailers. If everyone in art/design school  is being advised that this is an arcane practice (they are), then it means maybe my antiquated paper promo with authentic “stamps” will be unique!  Special! Not at the bottom of a pile of similar crap!  We’ll see. I’ll send them out and see what happens. That’s like, The Secret, right? These mailers are my intentions and the post office box is the universe, and my future clients are god or something? I haven’t read that book.

Oooh! Sexy promotional piece! If you are a magazine or publisher, look out. This might be under a romance manuscript in your slush pile. Just staring off to the left of you. Asking, “What does it all mean?”

It means hire me.

Class Picture

I finished my last final today! …of this semester – I still have to take summer classes in which further finals will be written, but they feel paltry.  I feel like the FreedomBot is beginning to liberate me, however with grad show prep looming, the sense of freedom is false and fleeting.  My last Thesis class was Thursday and one of the students,  Hyunchul Kim adorably requested a class photo (!!!) to “proove to my parents in Korea that I actually went to school”.  So we have class pictures!  We took a normal and a “goofy” one. This is the first class picture I’ve had since Grade 8, so I though I had better post it:

With out teacher JC Knaff on the far left.

"Zany"!  I'm in stripes with my fingers pointing at my cheeks. I have a weird urge to play that Greenday graduation song.

OCAD Retro Show

My painting titled “Perched” was accepted into the OCAD Retrospective show!  I felt the work was mixed, but with some very bright highlights.  Here are my shots of the show (taken after the opening reception which was so packed with people and flooded with some DJ’s idea of “ambiance” that I could only stick it out long enough to eat some tasty free food).

My painting is on the top right!

2 of my favorite pieces, done in pencil crayon (!). The artist is Winnie.... something?

Beautiful, delicate crocheted condoms. Delightful!

No one puts baby in a corner!

View of the show (South wall).

View of the show (South wall).

Work by my friends Ahmed Kassem and Dmitry Bondarenko

There's baby. Still in that corner.

It was nice to see a cross section of everything the entire school produces, in a more bite-sized morsel than the Grad Show, which is like eating until you die. The 4 days of the show are still not enough time to see everything… which is why you should head straight to the 6th floor, South end and stick with illustration. Done.  (May 6 – 9, 100 McCaul).