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The Painting Processor!

I love seeing other artists’ process work, so I thought I would show some here. This is a diptych I did in school that I still like (so rare) and I grabbed a few pictures of it while I was working on it.

The subject is a zoom in on a photo that I took of two friends who were dating at the time but working their way to their eventual break up, with hostility not veiled enough. I took a photo of them one night posing (they are doing a “goatsee” pose – don’t look that up) but I thought the picture and their expressions transcended the jokey pose and was maybe a little too close to their reality at that time.  I love Gerhard Richter and borrowed his trope of the unfocused photograph and did the following.

I had to complete an oil painting (this was my first use of oils ever. Which is crazy) in less than a week and I like to do a lot of under-painting so I did that in acrylic – just a quick and dirty wash to lay something down I could build on top of. I also drew little outlines in sharpie, since it tends to come through acrylic and stay visible, but can still be covered by a thicker application of paint:

After that dried, I started to work oil paints onto the canvasses. I had cropped the single photograph into two pictures and blurred them in photoshop, and then printed them to work from. The work-froms are taped to the easel and in both of these shots:

By these pictures, most of the oil paint is on there, and since it stays wet for so long I could go in and blur the lines afterward, so this application is pre-blurring, but obviously no pains were taken to get crisp edges or stay in the lines.

And here is a shot of the finished pieces hung together:

Ta da!

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