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Journalists and Optimists Part 2: Dennis Schaal

As mentioned, recently, I had the great fortune to work with Veronica Chambers, author, journalist and Stanford Journalism Fellow, on her fellowship project Journalists and Optimists.

VC photo Miami

Veronica Chambers

Chambers interviewed 3 prominent journalists, Gabe Spitzer, Dennis Schaal, and Rebecca Carroll about the ways they’ve pivoted their careers as journalists in the current hostile and at the same time fertile environment. I was dialed into the interviews and was able to make notes, and based on audio recordings, make a detailed visual record of each interview.

Here is my graphic recording of Veronica Chamber’s interview with Dennis Schaal (see my previous post for Gabe Spitzer’s interview):

Dennis Schaal_SCREENDennis Schaal_SCREEN2Dennis Schaal_SCREEN3Dennis Schaal_SCREEN4Dennis Schaal_SCREEN5Dennis Schaal_SCREEN6Dennis Schaal_SCREEN7Dennis Schaal_SCREEN8Dennis Schaal_SCREEN9Dennis Schaal_SCREEN10Dennis Schaal_SCREEN11Dennis Schaal_SCREEN12Dennis Schaal_SCREEN13

The internet wins again.

Janeswalk_Combination_WEB Another piece I did for Normative! (click to enlarge) Technically there were about 9 different drawings, but this is a little combo platter I made for my portfolio site. Oh, did I not mention my portfolio site?  Well, it exists. It exists BIG TIME.  Have a click why don’t you. On it you will find many things you may have seen on here where they are inconveniently located several clicks away.  On my portfolio site, you can take it all in at a glance by clicking the little grid icon.  The internet makes difficult things (like looking at the internet) so easy. Enough about the internet!  It gets all the attention!  Pay attention instead to my character design above!  Isn’t that woman’s cape stylish? She sure is using her smart phone to navigate a city! And that gentleman isn’t looking at lude photographs – he too is interested in the culture of a metropolitan area!  Or in purchasing more striped sweaters. Technology wins again (the internet laughed)!

Blazing Travels

I did some drawings in April for Normative – a really lovely design firm, full of lovely people, here in Toronto. These were made for a presentation their client will be using internally, so this may be their only parade around the block.  Without getting into it, the drawings (and hopefully you can glean this from, you know, the drawings) are about making travel decisions, and enjoying cities from a less tourism-oriented perspective. While wearing a jaunty blazer/t-shirt combo.


SN_LocalExpert_WEBSN_ThroughLocalEyes_WEBSN_Sharing _WEB

You can see a few more images from the set of 15 on my portfolio site, as well as a few other updated, shinier nuggets from the past… and the FUTURE. It’s like my blog, with a blazer on. And if you want to hire me or have your friend from the New Yorker hire me, you can send them there too. It’s so easy!