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Journalists and Optimists Part 2: Dennis Schaal

As mentioned, recently, I had the great fortune to work with Veronica Chambers, author, journalist and Stanford Journalism Fellow, on her fellowship project Journalists and Optimists.

VC photo Miami

Veronica Chambers

Chambers interviewed 3 prominent journalists, Gabe Spitzer, Dennis Schaal, and Rebecca¬†Carroll about the ways they’ve pivoted their careers as journalists in the current hostile and at the same time fertile environment. I was dialed into the interviews and was able to make notes, and based on audio recordings, make a detailed visual record of each interview.

Here is my graphic recording of Veronica Chamber’s interview with Dennis Schaal (see my previous post for Gabe Spitzer’s interview):

Dennis Schaal_SCREENDennis Schaal_SCREEN2Dennis Schaal_SCREEN3Dennis Schaal_SCREEN4Dennis Schaal_SCREEN5Dennis Schaal_SCREEN6Dennis Schaal_SCREEN7Dennis Schaal_SCREEN8Dennis Schaal_SCREEN9Dennis Schaal_SCREEN10Dennis Schaal_SCREEN11Dennis Schaal_SCREEN12Dennis Schaal_SCREEN13