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Li’L Lizzy

This little diva models herself after the late great Elizabeth Taylor.  She’s got diamonds (fake rubies) on her neck and stars (and hearts) in her eyes.

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Oh No You Di-in’t!

This is Magenta (her parents think they are the first people to use “Magenta” as a name).  Her sassy attitude won her Grand Supreme at the Glitter Smiles Princess Pageant and she’s sure to take home a crown today!  Her favourite food is popsicles and her favourite colour is – Oh no you di’in’t – oh yes they did – MAGENTA!

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Li’l Dizzy Tails

Meet Cherise!  Cherise is 9 years old, her favourite colour is aquamarine, and her favourite food is cake.  She loves to spin around, but hates being dizzy.

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Sahara believes in Flower Power.

Welcome Sahara to the stage!  Sahara is 8 years old, with blonde hair and blue eyes! Her favourite food is milk, her favourite colour is baby pink and she believes in flower power!

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Baby Madonna

Madison’s talent is vogueing. Her favourite colour is silver, and her best friend is her budgie named Wee Wee.


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Little Bo Peepers

I can’t get enough of drawing these tiny glamour queens! This one has lost her sheep, but she’ll use her laser vision to find them.  Or to hypnotize you. She will be Grand Supreme, no matter what it takes.

Lil’ Beauties

Why stop with just one? Here’s another pageant toddler and another gif!

Cadence wants to win… OR ELSE.