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How Things Are Made: the Drawing Edition

Process! I was digging around in some old drawings and found some sketches I made for an old Rob Ford caricature. Nothing says 2012 like reviving old drawings that shame our shameful, disgusting, ignorant, lying Mayor! And also, I like looking at How Things Are Made: The Drawing Edition.

Thumbnail sketches! Get it? He hates bikes.

First crack at the can. This one didn’t make it. Look at G20-I Joe. A real Canadian Hero. Also some dismembered barbies. I cut this one for being “too loaded”.

The Winner! Simpler all around.

From me and Mark Tewksbury, thanks for watching!

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Happy Halloween!

Sure, it was two days ago, but I wanted to include my still-relevant pumpkin carving:

Rob Ford Loves Bikes!

Oh, wait. He is an uninformed bigot afraid of learning, critical thinking and freedom.  I drew a picture of him, partially to illustrate an article my boss wrote on the Curbside blog, and partially to quell the overwhelming hopelessness that has been dragging behind me like a bag of sand since this verdict – I mean announcement.

Hopefully this new regime of idiocy will be what Torontonians need to wake up and take a more active role in the city.