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This time, it’s my pal Steph! I laid the pencil over the painting to fight the wimpyness of watercolour alone. Shazam!

A Reddish Dress

Shaunna_Cropped.LRez Shaunna.Rough.LrezMy pal Shaunna is my latest unknowing inspiration/model. Thanks Shaunzie!


Oo La la!

Just a doodle to keep the seat warm until Saturday when a “more legit” post will take a shift at the wheel. Road trip metaphor!

Excuse me, sir? Is this your secretary?

No sir. She’s my boss.

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How Things Are Made: the Drawing Edition

Process! I was digging around in some old drawings and found some sketches I made for an old Rob Ford caricature. Nothing says 2012 like reviving old drawings that shame our shameful, disgusting, ignorant, lying Mayor! And also, I like looking at How Things Are Made: The Drawing Edition.

Thumbnail sketches! Get it? He hates bikes.

First crack at the can. This one didn’t make it. Look at G20-I Joe. A real Canadian Hero. Also some dismembered barbies. I cut this one for being “too loaded”.

The Winner! Simpler all around.

From me and Mark Tewksbury, thanks for watching!

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Lindsay’s career upswing; Alana’s haircut

My oft-illustrated writer friend Alana asked me to make something to go with an article she wrote about her ill-fated Spanish haircut.  Here’s what I made: I am not above some mild celebrity-watching, and made this little drawing in class, that consistently makes me laugh (I am also not above amusing myself, apparently).

I would LOVE to do a regular snarky little sketch like this for some magazine or website.  Hey art-buyers and art-directors, what do you say?

Sketchbook Reprise

Hello 2010!  Here are some excerpts from yet another sketchbook.  The first is Steven Colbert and Amy Sedaris from Strangers with Candy. The second is just some random heads, some of people I know, some invented.


After several technology malfunctions, one new scanner (that is yet to be installed) and a busy summer, I am finally updating some of the work that occupied my last year. It’s mostly sketches, live model painting and assignments, rather than more polished “finished” work.  Have a look!

2 sketches from one model

2 sketches from one model

Detail of the seated drawing.

Detail of the seated drawing.

Same model, from the same session.

Same model, from the same session.

Male model in two different poses. These are between 5 and 10 minute sketches.

Male model in two different poses. These are between 5 and 10 minute sketches.

Amazing older women model. This is conte on a very textured paper.

Amazing older women model. This is conte on a very textured paper.

Same textured paper. Different model.

Same textured paper. Different model.

Fashion girl 1

Detail of previous full body shot.

Detail of previous full body shot.

That’s all for now. Stay posted for more actual paintings in the next week or so.


I just found some sketches I scanned for class that I thought I would post. I am seeking inspiration, and sketches are often a good place to find it. I find my sketches in my free time are often more interesting and natural than stuff I produce for school that tends to be, so here’s a little unrefined sampling:

I did a portrait of Madonna for a class project and this was one of the prep-sketches.

madonna-sketch1This one is a doodle of me and my roommates that I really like:


These next two really demonstrate how I tighten up when given an assignment. Both of these were for class – I had a sketchbook to keep that didn’t have to be polished; we were given ideas to play with. This first one was to take a traditional story and set it in present day. My take is pretty corny. You’ll see:

cinderella-sketch1This next one was based on the myth of Sisyphus – he was the mythical sucker who got roped into pushing a giant boulder up a hill over and over again forever. Way to try and bone Zeus’ wife (or something like that). We had to illustrate a modern day Sisyphean task. I thought the predominant qualities of his task were futility of the job and frustration it causes through it’s utter uselessness, so I chose telemarketing: