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I love my bike.

It’s true. I do. This blog is evidence to the fact that I am somewhat immersed in biking, or at the bare minimum in making bike-related art things.  I recently did a graphic design job for Bikes Without Borders (check it out. Very worthy organization on every level), and was offered the chance to do a t-shirt design to benefit the organization.  Because I have a charitable heart (hungry ego) I agreed to help (see my design on t-shirts in a real store).  This is the design.

It’s part of a larger drawing I am working on that is a little more political. (I hope to finish it soon) I took the non-partisan part and repurposed it to focus on the experiential, elevating  aspect of cycling; namely being outside and having some chill time with yourself in nature. Who doesn’t like that?  Some politicians in the US (and Canada, who am I kidding?) would no doubt LOVE to hinder this among other freedoms, but for now, when you are on your bike, it is all you.  Let’s enjoy that.

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