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PAL-entine’s Day!

AKA. When Egos Run Wild.

I got it into my head that I invented the concept of Palentine’s Day.  Granted, it was an intentional play on Parks and Recreation’s “Galentine’s Day,” so I knew I wasn’t reinventing the wheel, however…  For a recent event I pitched the idea of PALentine’s: a celebration of friendship.  Turns out Urban Dictionary has listed this title as in-use since 2013, so I am not an originator. But I did make Palentine’s cards.  Here they are:

CandyHearts_solo Friendship_purp
I’ve been doing brush lettering ever since I took an excellent workshop with Ligatures YYZ this summer.  “Friendship” and “Love” are hand-lettered, and then hand-traced in Illustrator; the other words are typography.

I hope everyone celebrates their friendships this month as well as their romances. Happy Pal/Gal/Valentine’s day!

Hand-drawn type for Curated by M

It’s all in the title, isn’t it?   Friend and designer Jill Holmberg tapped me to help out with some hand-drawn type for her client, an event-planning, PR-type company called Curated by M.  Click to see the enlarged version.


Memoirs of Someone You’ve Never Met


This a book cover for a book I haven’t written yet. But they say you have to start with a good title (no one says that).

Quick & Lazy

An ill-conceived typography joke. But I like the cute fox and the fat, fat dog.

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Creative Type No.3

Everything has been so busy lately, the last month or two have flown by. It feels like March, not May. What has been so busy about it, you ask?  Weeeeeelllllll…. One of my favorite things that kept me busy of late was Creative Type No. 3, the third annual exhibition of typography based art and design work.  Three genius friends of mine have been putting this on since we were all still in school together and I think it’s a really unique and exceptional show. I was happy and proud to have a piece in it for the second year running. Here is my piece in digi form:

Butter yellow, how do I love thee? Let me count the creamy and delicious ways…  So hooked on this colour right now.  It printed very nicely on a big sheet of cream coloured stonehenge.

What’s that? Why yes, I DO have a few crappy camera phone snaps from the show! I’d LOVE to show them here!

This is a shot of the PACKED opening reception. This place was loaded to capacity with people spilling out into the street.

We came back the next day to actually see work that was hung below  6′, previously covered by swarms of people.  This is the wall my piece was on (can you see it?).  This hanging continued the tradition of the very talented and awesome Adrian Forrow and I having our work hung next to each other.  As it was at our grad show, so it shall be FOREVER. (His piece is “Never Sleep”. Nice one brah!)

Here’s my main man Dusty posing standing casually in the gallery. I posted it because it gives a good sense of some of the amazing and DIVERSE work that was there.  And the excellent curating. Ongoing kudos to Carla, Jacque and Blair.

Here is my piece close up, hung on the wall. So buttery. I am hooked on that shade of yellow!

You can see yellow is a theme with me. Here I am posing (yes, posing) awkwardly in front of my poster.  My face really conveys that “I am in a photograph”.
Thanks to everyone who came out to the opening. It was a real mash-up of people (different people all literally mashed into a room made to fit only 2/3rds of them) so I am sorry if I missed you or wasn’t able to spend the quality time to acknowledge your presence! I appreciate it none the less!