GILLIAN G (a.k.a. Gillian Goerz – pronounced “Jillian Gertz”) is a Toronto based artist, writer, cartoonist, comedian, caricaturist, karaoke enthusiast (& host), window display designer, graphic designer, chalk board painter, idea person, professional creative, and friend haver (for now).

Originally from Saskatoon, and sometimes Lethbridge, she studied art and illustration at U of S, and OCADU.

You can buy her work, or hire her for any of the jobs listed above.  See more of her work at her portfolio website www.gilliang.com. Get a hold of her here:

Phone: +1 647-214-1274

Email: gilliangoerz@gmail.com

3 responses to “About

  1. Gillian, what a fantastic website. I thought the Freedombot was pretty funny. You should have him riding a bicycle and getting hit by a car, calling the motorist an a55h0l3! At least I would find that funny, but you would know freedombot better than I, maybe he’s too kind to say such things.
    Damn, you are good at drawing people. Curbside is really lucky to have such a talent on staff.

    • Thanks Joseph! Feel free to hire me at any time. Now wouldn’t whimsical line drawings of vintage people on vintage bikes compliment your lovely website? I thought so! 😉
      It was great to meet and hang out with you guys! Hopefully we can show you around Toronto sometime!

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